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Aeolus Filter Corp. is a leading synthetic fiber technology company for more than 15 years. The company is located in Archdale, NC and manufactures and sells high quality filtration products, primarly for the HVAC industry in North America. The products are also used in a broad range of other applications as well, some examples are power plants, turbines, food processing, high humidity and much more. The main business of Aeolus is the production of fully synthetic panel filters and V-Cells in a broad range of efficiencies. All products feature synthetic microfiber filter media with a 3-dimensional, progressive design for optimal dust holding capacities. Our Aeotec Filters (“AT” products) even contain fine fibers which are uniquely integrated into the filter media to capture the smallest particles.
4010 Cheyenne Drive Archdale, NC 27263 USA
Based on the patented synthetic fiber and manufacturing process, the mission of Aeolus is to produce environmentally friendly, long lasting and high value products for our customers. At the same time, we are able to provide excellent customer service with the shortest lead times in the industry to ensure our customers 100 % satisfaction.
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