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Our patented single-step production process results in a three-dimensional web of endless thick and thin fibers. The decisive advantages of endless synthetic fibers are being highly resistant to damage and non-shedding. The proprietary media production process of microfibers in our standard products and even integrated nanofibers in our Aeotec products allows optimal dust holding capacities. Larger particles of dust are caught by larger fibers on the air entering side and progressively smaller particles caught in progressively smaller fibers through the depth of the media.
Media and Fiber Technology
MiniPleat Technology
The unique pleating technology of Aeolus products gives pleat packs and filters an amazing strength. Continuous polypropylene spacer beads are thermally bonded to both sides of the media. This controlled spacing promotes the diffusion of air properly over the entire face of the pleated surface. It also helps maintain the perfect V-shaped pleat geometry throughout handling and service life. This pleating process produces a revolutionary Mini-pleat pack with amazing durability, low aerodynamic pressure loss and virtually waterproof qualities engineered for the most demanding applications.
Frame Technology
All Aeolus products are equipped with a rigid plastic board frame, which is waterproof, impact resistant, resistant to most chemicals, and will not rust or corrode. Frame components are bonded together with a waterproof thermo-plastic adhesive.
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