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Aeolus offers completely synthetic panel filters and V-Cells in a broad range of available efficiencies between MERV11 and 95% DOP (and above). Panel filters are available in a depth of 1”, 2”, 4” and 6”. V-Cells with a depth of 12” and header frame filters complete the product portfolio. The high dust holding capacity of Aeolus products results from the three-dimensional structure of the media with integrated thin and thick fibers. Aeolus filters meet or exceed industry air standards over a longer period of time without adding the air flow resistance common in competing filters.
Media, spacer beads and frame material are 100 % polypropylene Environmentally friendly solvent-free and binder-free media manufacturing process Media does not support microbial growth Completely hydrophobic Incinerable design

Reasons to choose Aeolus synthetic products

Unique pleating technique for best air flow  Continuous operating temperature up to 175°F (80°C), short term 210°F (100°C) Can be operated above rated air flow – ask for details Recommended final pressure drop 1.5’’ w.g. /higher pressure drops possible – please ask
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